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SHIVA / Founder

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"This forum rocks!"
2Wheels1, US
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"Shiva's latest concept THE NEED 4 SPEED is the best format I have seen online for active, discerning men. Combining all the topics we care about (sport bikes & cars, technology & gear, plus whiskey & cigars) under one roof is just brilliant. Best of luck with it!"
Pro Photo, US
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"How could any one person know so much about so many topics. Just when we thought that Shiva was an expert on Euro bikes, we learned that he can discuss many other topics as proficiently. He seems to know even more about technology and photography and now he's developing a TV/Web series!"
Albino, US
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"Shiva is a true renaissance man."
Carter, US
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"Thanks to SHIVA and the rest of you guys on this forum. I just joined because of the excellent reviews and discussions I've had the pleasure to read here. I found this site thanks to Shiva's great Diavel article on here!"
Ocean, US
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"...this is by far the best forum I have seen or participated in, very informative and friendly without all the flaming and competitive posturing that usually occur with these typically testosterone driven hobbies."
Ed, US
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"...Just a quick note to say THANKS to SHIVA. Have been reading posts on this site for over a year."
Ed F K, US
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"...am a Big fan of the Forum! Actually, this forum was one of the factors that put me "over the edge" towards my new purchase! ...wanted to say thanks..."
Jason, Canada
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"Thanks for the welcome Shiva. I must congratulate you on your writings and the forum - it's one of the best I've come across. I've been reading and following this site for a few weeks now and finally decided to register."
BebeCar, Denmark
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"I have only been a member for 4 or 5 months but thoroughly enjoy this forum. I have posted more (and learned more) on this forum than any other forum I have been on in the last 5 years. Keep on posting people!"
Freakhead, Canada
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"Well done people. This site is so global yet it feels like home. Here's to many more years. Thanks 'S.'"
CamNeelyphile, Canada
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"What I have found [in this community] is awesome information – and already helped me get the airbox changed by a dealer - also had the ESA rear shock changed as the compression damping was way too hard on ‘normal.’"
John, UK
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"I finally decided to join and have found it refreshing to meet a truly international crowd that is so well rounded. People are positive, supportive and really enjoy what other have to say here. I am sure this is a ton of work to manage and and just wanted to say "thanks" for your efforts. I am sure you hear it often, but it's truly a great experience to participate on your forum."
Jay, US
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"What an amazing and VERY informative site you have here! I have not been able to find such in-depth detail."
Remedy451, Canada
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"I am following this forum for a while and I must say this is by far the best international forum on motorcycles! It's vivid and it provides a lot of useful information."
Reiner, Germany
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"Very happy to finally properly join the club. It's thanks to this forum and all the contributions that finally got me to make a very informed decision."
JC, France
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"Thank you and everyone in the forum for helping to make my decision that much easier."
AWoody3rd, UK
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"This forum has proved itself to be the most useful forum on the net..., over and over again."

"I am by no means a mechanic, I am far far from it. Thanks to this site however, I was able to make a correct decision to buy helibars AND was able to follow the instructions here and install them myself. I saw a topic about grip puppies, which was exactly what I needed. I was able to install the slip-on exhaust by myself thanks to this site. Lots more help I got from here. People are very helpful, they are patient, nobody I read so far is arrogant, and most importantly the forum is alive, many new posts everyday. I really appreciate this forum, and all the people that help make it, maintain it and contribute to it, and also the fact that it does not have any advertisements. A true enthusiasts forum."
Oyalhi, Turkey
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"Thanks to your great efforts in exposing how fantastic this bike is, I have ordered my Lava Orange today. Thanks again for the hard work. I know it is sometimes a thankless job, but some of us do appreciate it very much."
LeighK13S, US
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"I pained for ages over which colour to go for but your videos made up my mind, [Lava Orange Metallic] just looks fab in the sunlight."
Patkinso, UK
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"This forum is the single thing that swung me over to buying this bike. Shiva sold me on the "Orange Power" before I had even seen it in the flesh. The positive energy here is contagious."

"I have been riding an MV Agusta F4 1000 and a Ducati 1098s for the last few months. They are also great bikes in their own right, but after riding my new K this weekend and then riding the MV shortly afterwards, I'm quite happy to let the MV go now. I may keep the Duc for a while for the odd track day, but I suspect it's days are numbered too. A friend of mine mentioned, that once most people progress from a super bike to a hyperbike , they never move back. I'm not sure how true this is, but for now, I can see why it might be true."

"I feel privileged to be amongst some esteemed company here and look forward to many miles of very satisfying riding."
Leigh, South Africa
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"Thanks to everyone for all of the information I was able to gain, what I was able to access before I joined anyway. Largely as a result of what I read and saw on your site,I have just purchased a new S1000RR."
PicRR, Canada
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"After riding the demo for two hours yesterday morning, I made my decision. The dealer had a Lava Orange in stock and after adding a few options which were; smoke screen, Akrapovic slip on and the expandable panniers, the bike was ready at 17:00 hr with insurance and temporary plate in place. What an awesome bike this is. I want to thank everyone on this forum for the advice and opinion given which helped me make the right decision."
Whitez, US
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"Keep up the good work on the world's best men's site."
Garth, EU

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"just signed up to blame you! You and this thread (and your Youtube vids) made me buy this exact bike in this color last year! It is all your fault!"

"Thanks again for forcing me to get this awesome baby!"
McBeemer, EU
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"Thanks also Shiva for all your youtube stuff..... it made my decision so much easier too."
iank1200s, UK
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This form has been very helpful in making my decision, particularly Shiva's long term review. Thanks for all your help.
Buffsldr, US
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I listened, and listened, and listened to the comments you made and I got one. Awesome bike! Simply awesome. Thanks for the guidance,
GoodTimes, US
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Congrats to Shiva and the moderators on a great forum. Seven years of quality information, dialogue and community. Well done gents!
CoffeeFirst, US
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I too, am proud to be a bike rider, and proud to be a member on the internet's best forum, bar none.
Thank you for maintaining a top class place for us to share, research, enjoy and admire these wonderful machines we are so lucky to own. Thumbs up Shiva and moderators!
Sundog, EU
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Congrats on the 7th year. Keep it up. Thanks to all the forum members for a first class act.
CrownVic55, EU
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Congrats to all, fantastic job SHIVA, and thank you for providing us with this site, it's the best on the net world wide, I can not say thank you enough to everyone here for all the support information that is provided for those in need and or wanting to know about bikes. I always promote this site to whoever will listen. I paln to stick around for years to come.
Drifter1, US
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Brilliant effort from Shiva and the mods. I'm Proud to be a member and I tell as many people as I can about the site!
R1 Convert, UK
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Many thanks for creating an outstanding users forum. Over the years, advise from this site has guided me through:
1. A complete ABS braking system flush and cable replacement
2. New seals in the front down-tubes
3. Installation of aftermarket fusebox
4. Replacement of new main seal parts and clutch plates on a '98 K1200rs, and
5. Selection of tires
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This forum is outstanding with endless valuable info from dedicated members. So it only made sense to become a member.
Goldie, Canada
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what an amazing and VERY informative site you have here! I have not been able to find such in-depth detail regarding the bikes any where else.
Remedy451, Canada
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Thanks to all on this forum and Shiva and Bernardo. It was based on all your "testimonies" that I landed up buying a bike. Strangely, I actually discovered this forum looking for in-depth review on a Ducati Diavel and/or Multistrada. I found Shiva's review of the Diavel. Drawn in by the Diavel review I read the review on his Lava Orange K1300S. Got totally sold on the K1300S by Shiva's review and other's testimonials on the forum, then tried to buy one on craigslist from a forum member and ended up buying a new one given the great end-of-the-year rebates, a month and a half ago. Woo hooo!
Fatsaab, US
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I am new to the forum and have to attribute my buying decision to this forum. It's the initial reviews and member experience that helped me decide on my Euro bike fully loaded or SE as it is called here in OZ.
K1300R_DOWN_UNDER, Australia
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This forum has been a phenomenal resource for me, in fact the forum is what pointed me to my Euro bike.
Naren, US
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I've been looking at this forum for some time now, even before I finally decided to get a bike. It's great, good job and the YouTube videos are awesome!
Tonz, Australia
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